Synthetic Chemistry Is Still Showing Its Potential

Synthetic chemistry is the foundation and core of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials chemistry and other disciplines. New concepts and methods of current inorganic and organic synthesis field could be significant to enable further advance in life sciences.

Since the 20th century, synthetic chemistry has experienced a great development under the impetus of other disciplines, which displays a new area for the sources of scientific research and new materials. In terms of modern technology, it’s possible for more people to understand the molecular structure and properties. The new material provided by synthetic chemistry is helpful to improve space technology, nuclear industry, marine resources development, etc.

The central goal of synthetic chemistry on colloidal nanocrystals at present is to discover functional materials, which could help mankind to meet the tough challenges brought by the rapid depletion of natural resources and the significant increase of population with higher living standards. Based on the thought in mind, it’s important to discuss the basic guidelines for developing this new branch of synthetic chemistry, including rational synthetic strategies, functional performance, and green chemistry principles. With synthetic chemistry, there are endless possibilities for creating diverse properties and functions. Biological chemistry is not merely concerned with the revelation of biological phenomena but makes it possible to utilize and modify such phenomena.

The philosophy of synthetic chemistry is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to the formulation of creative and comprehensive precision science based on the fundamentals of synthetic chemistry and biological chemistry, and to create new technology that will form an industrial foundation. In addition, it can also enable us to foster a wholesome natural perspective and philosophy, for the purpose of developing a healthy sustainable society.

The design of novel functional materials and nanosystems as well as the development of new synthetic methods and catalysts for fine chemical and pharmaceutical applications requires rich attention. Over the years, a unique and broad expertise in fundamental aspects of chirality was developed. Clearly, synthetic chemistry provides many new ways to drug production. Nowadays, a lot of analgesics, anesthetics, antiseptics, hypnotic agents are synthesized out. In brief, synthetic chemistry is expected to play an important role in conquering diseases such as cancer, mental illness, and genetic aspects.